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Meet our People Director, Suzy Stollery

Tell us about what you do at Pukka?

Ultimately my role is to build a great culture so Pukka People can thrive. My team and I continuously think about how we can help to ensure Pukka is a great place to work with a progressive employee culture. It’s about attracting, developing and retaining the best talent we can by making sure Pukka is a great place to work, not only from an environmental point of view but from a people point of view.

What do you feel makes Pukka really stand out as a place to work?

For me, it’s about celebrating Pukka’s uniqueness and inclusiveness and allowing people to be their authentic selves at work. Our team have a saying, which is: ‘if you plant people in an environment that they like, they will flourish, and they will bring you their best properties’.

What was the reason for last year’s audit and what has been implemented as a result?

Fair for Life carries out an audit on an annual basis to ensure we are compliant with their standards. They’re not just looking for us to retain our certification, they’re looking at how we can improve each year in each aspect of the Fair for Life standards of which employment practices are one.

From a people perspective, the results of the audit were strong. One of the main findings from last years’ audit was the need for clarity around working hours. As Pukka is a fast-growing business, we have a lot of people who are passionate about what they do.

Sometimes the expectations around working hours are not clear enough. So, the main initiative that we implemented in FY17 was empowering people to take control of their time at work through our flexible engagement initiative, giving them full control over the hours they work and where and when they work.

What is the wellbeing fund?

We have something called the wellbeing and development fund – again unique to Pukka. The fund enables people to think about both their development and their wellbeing separately.

They can reimburse spend in both these areas to demonstrate development in both these areas up to a maximum amount. This is Pukka’s way to support people to think about themselves holistically.

How does your team help with Pukka’s mission to connect people, plants and the planet?

We’re trying to ensure at least 20% of our people have herbal knowledge or a qualification of some kind – so we have partnered with our Herbal Team to run plant and herb education programmes to share their knowledge. We’re also particularly looking to attract people with a background in herbalism so that they can continue their professional development with us.

What volunteering opportunities are there with Pukka and targets for next year?

We launched ‘Volunteering at Pukka’ last year to help our employees connect with people, plants and the planet in whichever way resonates with them.

We’ve allocated four days per individual per calendar year, two of with are ‘mission days’ which related to events we organise for everyone. There are another two days which employees can use to volunteer in a way that feels meaningful for them.

What’s your favourite Pukka tea?

Wow – that’s not an easy question to answer as I love so many! I love all Pukka Green Teas as they help me feel bright, alive and energised.  My current favourite is our new Lean Matcha Green

What is your hero herb?

Cinnamon. I use cinnamon a fair bit through the day as I enjoy the fact that it can help regulate my blood sugar and stop my naughty cravings! Find out how we source, grow and harvest our cinnamon.

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