Image for Celebrating the magic of wild plants this FairWild Week

Celebrating the magic of wild plants this FairWild Week

21st August 2017

It’s likely that you already enjoy the natural goodness of wild plant ingredients daily. Wild plants benefit the lives of millions of us – whether for medicine, cosmetics, food, drink or your favourite herbal tea.

In fact, around 60,000 plant species are used by people for their medicinal properties alone and the vast majority of these are collected from the wild.

However, many of these ingredients are unsustainably taken from the wild without consideration for ecological or community impact. New studies have revealed that one in five wild plant species is now under threat from over-harvesting and habitat loss.

The need for real, positive change is now. This is where FairWild comes in.

Keep the wild in you

FairWild is a new conservation standard to bring you products created using plants always responsibly collected from the wild.

The FairWild certification is about protecting the magic of wild plant species and the beauty of their natural habitats, whilst respecting deeply rooted traditions and cultures and helping support the livelihoods of the communities that depend on them.

Actress and activist, Joanna Lumley who narrates one of our new FairWild short films says, “I love FairWild for taking special care of the habitats and plants that provide us with unfarmed produce for our plates."

"They will make sure that we shall not kill the goose that lays the golden egg, and I support them with all my enthusiasm and appreciation.”

For us here at Pukka, FairWild is an exciting and essential initiative – it allows us to strengthen our relationships with the incredible collectors who work hard to bring the power of herbs to others.

But, just as importantly, FairWild gives our customers a unique opportunity to join this ‘virtuous circle’ simply by enjoying teas blended with incredible FairWild Herbs. Let’s all raise a Pukka cuppa to that.

The FairWild ingredients we are currently using in our organic teas:

Shout loud for FairWild

Here at Pukka, we’re on a mission to shout loud for FairWild and would love your help spreading the word during the first ever #FairWildWeek (21st – 28th August).

  • Follow #FairWildWeek on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and help share the news, films and photos with your own social media communities
  • Use the FairWild online toolkit to stay connected with where the wild ingredients in products you buy come from. If you’re not sure, ask your supermarket, shop or favourite brand
  • Explore ongoing issues through the official FairWild website
  • Support ongoing action to protect wild plants by making a small donation to FairWild.

And finally thank you for already being part of this positive change, helping to protect wild plants, animals and the communities that rely on them by choosing to enjoy Pukka teas and supplements blended with incredible FairWild herbs.

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