Turmeric Family

Turmeric is one of Pukka’s hero herbs. The potential benefits of this vibrant root for our own wellbeing are vast, and you can choose from a whole range of organic teas and supplements in our Turmeric family to meet your needs.

In India, the Turmeric (Curcuma longa) root is known as the ‘Golden Goddess’. It has been used for centuries as a naturally powerful way to nourish and support the body.

At Pukka, we want everyone to benefit from all the goodness of organic turmeric, which is why we use a unique Wholistic™ extraction process to harness the full synergistic effects of all 200+ bioactive compounds. All of our Turmeric supplements contain this wonderful Wholistic™ extract. Whether you love walking, running, tap-dancing or yoga, you will be supported by the unique blend of herbs to help you stay active at any stage of your life.

Say hello to the amazing health and wellbeing benefits of turmeric.

Turmeric Family
  • Our Wholistic™ Turmeric has 10x the power of standard turmeric root powder
  • In India alone, approximately 140,000 hectares of land are used for growing turmeric (that’s an area just smaller than the whole of Greater London)

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