Cleansing Family

What is the Cleansing family?

The Cleansing family is dedicated to supporting your body’s ability to cope better with our polluted environment by supplementing your diet and supporting cleansing and detoxification. Made with some of the finest green foods, our cleansing teas and supplements capture the incredible essence of nature’s bounty, leaving you feeling healthy and glowing – inside and out.

A modern lifestyle increasingly exposes us to pollutants found in our food, water and air. This creates challenges for our bodies, leaving us feeling sluggish and lethargic with a desire to ‘detox’. However, by supporting good digestion and detoxification, together with tissue renewal and energy production, it is possible to increase the body’s resilience to our modern lifestyles.

In the Ayurvedic tradition, the junctions of the seasons are the best time to clean the body, leaving you invigorated and ready to enjoy the wonders of each season with renewed vigour. After cleansing, it is important to also rebalance, nourish and rejuvenate our body. This is where the Pukka Cleansing range comes into its own. Products that support the body’s detoxification process, as well as providing essential nutrients that assist in vital cell function and renewal.

So, whether you’re enjoying a cup of our famous Detox tea or enjoying our nutrient-rich Juicy Wheat Grass Superblend, let Pukka bring you the full potential of nature's goodness.

Cleansing Family
  • Fennel provides nourishment and support to the entire digestive system
  • Juicy Wheat Grass Superblend is 30 x concentrated and naturally high in Vitamin A
  • Spirulina gets its name from its cylindrical ‘spiral’ structure

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