Cacao Maca Magic Organic Latte

Let the magic of maca and the power of ashwagandha soothe your soul in a cup of chocolatey latte delight. Deliciously smooth, these herbal heroes will entice you into a swirl of organic goodness.

Made with love and herbal wisdom, this latte uses the finest grade herbs for the benefit of people, plants and planet.

15 servings per 90g pack.

What's in the box?

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Pukka’s sanctuary of eight teas and three herbal supplements help you to naturally relax and unwind.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why does Cacao Maca Magic have ‘cacao’ in the name but ‘cocoa’ in the ingredients?

    Legally there is no recognised separate definition of ‘cacao’ and regulations require us to use the term “cocoa bean powder” in our ingredients list. However, in the industry ‘cocoa’ sometimes refers to ‘Dutched cocoa’: also known as ‘European style' or 'alkalised cocoa’: a product that has been alkalised (had its acidity reduced) and is suitable for making hot chocolate or in baking. Cocoa beans (from the plant Theobroma cacao) are naturally acidic. ‘Cacao’ is therefore sometimes used for cocoa products that use only ground unprocessed roasted beans. At Pukka we source our cocoa to organic standards and preserve its natural qualities through minimal processing. and could therefore truly define our product as ‘cacao’ – the word we use in our latte brand name.

  • What is inulin and why do you use it in your lattes?

    Inulin is a type of soluble fibre found in many plants. The inulin in our lattes comes from the Blue Weber agave plant. It is virtually calorie free but adds a subtle sweetness that enables us to avoid including sugar or sweeteners. It may also offer digestive benefits.

  • Are your lattes caffeine free?

    Turmeric Gold and Ginger Joy are caffeine free.

    Cacao Maca Magic and Majestic Matcha Chai both contain caffeine.

  • How much powder should I use for the perfect Pukka latte?

    For one serving of Turmeric Gold, Cacao Maca Magic, Ginger Joy and Majestic Matcha Chai we recommend 2 heaped teaspoons (6g) blended with 250ml of sweetened almond milk.

    For one serving of Night Time we recommend two level teaspoons (5g) blended with 250ml of sweetened almond milk.

  • What is your packaging made from?

    Our packaging is made up of:

    • 83% bio-based materials
    • GMO-free PLA (Polylactic acid) which is a plant-based plastic from renewable, non-genetically modified crops
    • PaperWise paper which is made from reclaimed agricultural waste, like leaves and stems from harvest. Paper made in this way produced 20% less CO2 per 1000kg even compared to FSC paper
    • Metallised NatureFlex™ film, which is made from cellulose - one of the most naturally abundant organic materials available
    • A synthetic adhesive to bind all the layers together
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Dietary information

  • Organic
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Soya free
  • Added sugar free

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These beautiful caddies come in unique and eye-catching designs and inside, as an extra little treat, you will find 10 delicious individually wrapped tea sachets.

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